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Your gifts are transformed into free services to our clients, given in the name of Jesus Christ
Babies are saved from abortion and families are strengthened every day at our Clinic.

Thanks for being part of this Good Work!.

  • Donate a vehicle, boat, airplane, or motorcycle
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Partnership Gifts

Goal: Secure fixed and often increased income
Gift: Charitable Remainder Annuity

Goal: Supplement income with fixed annual payments
Gift: Charitable Gift Annuity

Goal: Reduce gift or estate taxes on assets passing to heirs
Gift: Charitable Lead Trust

Goal: Create a hedge against inflation over time
Gift: Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Goal: Supplement income with variable payments
Gift: Pooled Income Fund

Securites Gifts

Goal: Defer a gift until after your lifetime
Gift: Bequest in Will or Living Trust

Goal: Avoid the twofold taxation on retirement assets
Gift: Retirement Plan Gift

Goal: Make a large gift at little or no cost to yourself
Gift: Insurance Gift

Securites Gifts

Contact your broker with instructions to transfer securities to RPC. Provide the name of the security and the number of shares to transfer. Provide the following information to wire the shares to RPC's brokerage account:

  • Floger, Nolan, Fleming and Douglas
    DTC clearing #: 0141
    Further credit to acct # 7166-8647
    Account name: Rockville Pregnancy Center, Inc.
    Donor’s Name (your name)

  • Please consult an attorney or tax professional for advice.

Lifetime Gifts

Goal: Make an easy gift of appreciated property
Gift: Outright Gift of Property

Goal: Avoid capital gains tax on sale of home/other real estate
Gift: Real Estate Gift

Goal: Make a quick and easy gift of cash
Gift: Outright Gift of Cash

Gift: Give your personal residence, but continue to live there
Gift: Retained Life Estate